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Access Bars Class

Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more!

During a Bars session, a trained practitioner lightly touches 32 points on your head which dissipates the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in our brains by the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we have stored over lifetimes. Imagine if someone could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you’re not good enough or that you can’t accomplish what you dream about. That “voice” comes from those electromagnetic charges that keep us from believing we can have the life we've always known is possible.


This is what the Bars will begin to unlock…the space of being YOU!


Here is YOUR chance to learn to run the Bars and change lives just by touching people's heads. How can this be even better?


At the end of the class you become a Bars Practitioner, you can add your new skill to your existing services, or create a whole new business if you like. Investment for the class is £340

Repeaters are welcome at half price. Kids under the age of 15 go free if accompanied by a paying adult. Youngsters between the age of 16-18 are welcome at half price.

Access Body process Classes

During a certified Body process practitioner class we learn one specific process in a 4 hours workshop, where you get to gift one session and receive one session. There are a number of different processes to choose from, and these work with specific energies to facilitate change. You can use the learned technique on yourself as well as on others as a gift or you can add them to your business if you wish. Investment for the class is £100, or £160 for two processes.

Upcoming Classes:

Currently running small on demand classes, so if you would like to learn the Bars, or take part in a Body Process class, please get in touch.


Repeat price for classes is half price, kids under 15 go free when accompanied by a paying adult and youngsters under 18 also get half price discount on Bars and Facelift classes.

If you would like to take part in a Class, but you can't see a suitable date above, please get in touch. I will do my best to accommodate you.

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