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I used to receive Era's Access Bars session regularly while she lived in London. It greatly helped me to release stress and lots of thing which used to bother me before just simply disappeared! :-) Access Bars makes me enjoy everyday life better and boost me with energy, peace and gratitude! Thank you Era! Hope your lovely energy will be a contribution to as many people there as it used to be here!


Having Access Bar treatments for stress releasing a few times. It helped me be able to sleep again every single time. I am much obliged. Thank you very much!


I took my 13 year old Grandson to see Era this afternoon and wow I saw magic. 
My grandson went from a weight of the world on his shoulders sad subdued head down shrugs his shoulders, when asked what’s your favourite things? 
to him saying to me as we arrived back home when I asked how do you feel now?
‘oh I feel happy optimistic and that my ‘black cloud’ has dispersed and I’m a super hero again.
I said wow how amazing is that for you? He replied bloody marvellous. Then said whoops sorry for the naughty word. I told him I’d allow it just this once. 
His energy and aura was shining diamond bright just the same as his head high amazing smile. 
Era you have made both our hearts glow. 
I have my boy back again. 
Words just can’t thank you enough 🙏


Having my Bars run with Era was an amazing and relaxing experience, I felt much more optimistic and laid back the following days.


"After just one kinesiology session, my stress related diarrhoea disappeared. I had it for over 3 years, and it used to ruin every morning for me. Now I am able to enjoy time out of my home without worries. It is so liberating! Thanks so much!"


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