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One Brain

If you feel that you can't reach your full potential, if you feel blocked, if your goals seem too far away and unreachable, if you keep sabotaging yourself, if you don't have enough self esteem, if you have difficulties communicating, if you are having relationship problems, health issues, if you are troubled by some allergy, if your life is made more difficult by some addiction, compulsion or other chronic problem, then with the methods of kinesiology you can change these.

What is it? 

Kinesiology is a gentle method effective in every field of life, that helps you get rid of limiting emotional stress and energy blocks. Kinesiology gives the reins back to you. After setting the aim for a stress release session we use muscle tests to find the core of the blocks or stress that is connected to the topic, then we test and do the necessary corrections to release them.


As Kim da Silva wrote in her book Kinesiology, in a deep level every experience is inside the memory of the body and the brain waiting to be organised. Our brain, just like a huge computer, stores all that information and using the methods of Kinesiology we can pull this information, find and repair the "functional errors".


What does it do?

Corrections work very gently and still very effectively always according to the client's needs and characteristics. By solving deeper meanings we can free our personalities' hampering, 'dormant' potentials. It becomes available for us to see ourselves differently, our self-evaluation can change, and we get the chance to face our fears and to become energetic and vital again. Kinesiology can lead us to our denied selves, to our hidden desires, to our patterns operating unconsciously and brought from our families, to our limiting beliefs, and at the same time it helps to understand the signals of our body, the fears, symptoms, imbalances, returning problems. and gives us tools to create lasting change.

This method is useful in addressing stresses or blocks behind learning hardships, existing illnesses, relationship problems, allergies, traumas, and any other emotional problems.

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